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Handmade Terracotta From Impruneta, Italy
Seibert & Rice is the leading American importer of handmade terracotta planters and urns from Impruneta, Italy. For over twenty years Seibert & Rice has provided terra cotta planters and urns to America's most beautiful gardens, both large and small, including some of the most prestigious institutions in this country, like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The New York Botanical Garden, Longwood Gardens, Biltmore Estate and the Boston Public Library.
  • Chanteloup Planter by Charlotte Moss

    Charlotte Moss is a renowned interior designer, author, and owner of The Charlotte Moss Townhouse, the lifestyle boutique in New York City. Her glorious chinoiserie planter was inspired by the Pagoda at Chanteloup in France's Loire Valley.
  • Cloche Vase by Bunny Williams

    Bunny Williams is one of America's most talented and successful interior designers. After many years with the renowned Parish-Hadley Associates, she started her own design company, Bunny Williams, Inc., in 1988 and was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame in 1996.
  • Critter Pot by Abbie Zabar

    I consider my own gardens where a clay pot is never less important than what's planted in it when Mara and Lenore ask me to design a pot for the Seibert & Rice American Collection. I draw a basic Long Tom.
    -- Abbie Zabar
  • Impruneta TerraCotta American Collection

    Designed by top American talent and handmade in Impruneta, the American Collection marries the highest standards in American style and European quality.
  • Poetry Pot by Robert Dash

    Robert Dash is an accomplished artist and gardener. His paintings are in over two dozen national and international museums. He is the founder of the Madoo Conservancy and the author of Notes from Madoo.
  • Pottery by Richard Hartlage

    Pottery by Richard Hartlage, Birds, bees, flowers, and trees.
    Landscape designer, horticulturalist, gardener and bird lover, Richard Hartlage brought together all of his passions in this series for The American Collection.
  • The Guy Wolff Pottery Collection

    I am so excited and happy to have the chance to do this project with Mara and Lenore of Seibert & Rice. The work they have brought over from Impruneta has always been a joy for me to see, and I am very proud to be invited to work with them and their potters
    Yours in clay, Guy Wolff
  • The JackPot by Jack Lenore Larsen

    Jack Lenor Larsen is a renowned textile designer, author, collector, and the founder of the magnificent Longhouse Reserve in East Hampton, Long Island, New York
  • The Ryan Gainey Pottery Collection

    Gardener, designer, author, showman. Anyone who has ever met Ryan Gainey will never forget him. He is an internationally renowned and award-winning garden designer and has designed an extensive and beautiful collection of home and garden accessories
Handmade Terracotta Planters Impruneta, Italy by Seibert & Rice